The Meeting Point


The first presentation of works from the collection you meet at Holstebro Kunstmuseum unfolds in Færch's Villa. Through a selection of objects displayed on shelfs, this wall exhibition serves as an introduction to the various facets of Holstebro Kunstmuseum's collection.

The collection at Holstebro Kunstmuseum incorporates, in its totality, several smaller collections that have been added during the history of the museum – often through generous donations from passionate connoisseurs who believed that their significant and much-loved collections should benefit us all and provide both knowledge and pleasure to the general public. Examples of such ‘collections within the collection’ include Poul Holm Olsen’s collection of traditional African art, Ejler Bille and Agnete Therkildsen’s collection of Balinese art, and anthropologist Mette Kvist Jørgensen’s donation of Peruvian art by the Shipibo-Conibo indigenous people – to name just a few.

In spite of their vast differences in terms of chronology and geography, the globally oriented items such as the West African, Mexican and Indonesian are displayed next to works from the central collection of Danish modernism and the museum’s extensive collection of Danish handicrafts in ceramics and glass.

Consequently, the wall acts as a meeting point for different eras, continents and modes of expression. Despite their many and obvious differences, there is also something that unites them: The need to interpret and process the human figure, and the human scale, in artistic form and in accordance with one’s own cultural traditions and visions for the future.

This wall exhibiton acts as a meeting point for different periods in time, parts of the world and ways of expressions.